BHT Roadmap Evolution

Sometimes it’s interesting and useful to review how a design has evolved, to ensure that it’s still fit for purpose.

As a registered charity BHT provides a wide range of services tackling complex needs around housing, legal representation, mental health and recovery from addiction as well as work and learning initiaives. A map of services that aimed to communicate where they crossed over encouraged collaboration and skill sharing, as well as presenting staff with a handy overview of the organisation.

As projects opened and closed over the years the function of the roadmap had to change accordingly. Placing a greater emphasis on the physical location of projects became necessary as the audience widened to clients, tenants and other stakeholders.

The design style also evolved as the charity’s branding exercise matured. Earlier work is more skeuomorphic, evolving to a simpler, flatter, more material design style, more in tune with the rest of the brand.

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Anthony is an extremely talented and creative designer, with a great ability to work to a brief and meet the needs of his clients.
Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive
I've been inspired from a young age by Harry Beck's Underground Map. It's principles of clarity over accurate geographical location informed my initial designs. The above maps prioritised needs area crossover and rough geographic location from Brighton through to Eastbourne and Hastings.
By 2014 most services were more specialised with less pronounced crossover. BHT clients and tenants fed back that it would more useful for the map to be built around location of project buildings, with emphasis on where a single building had multiple services. My attempts at moving away from the original Harry Beck style created a busier design.
By 2016 and in line with brand maturation I had further simplified the design. By 2017 the map was being reproduced in print, with a gap in the middle of the map accomodating the page fold on a double-paged spread.

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