SE-Assist Website

SE-Assist is an innovative model where social enterprises can access funding and support from large businesses.

I was initially approached by Legal & General to design a website for the initiative, which launched in Brighton in 2013. The site includes an application process which had to be fully encrypted, as applicants were required to upload sensitive company information.

I also designed paper forms to accompany and support the application process.

Over time the project opened a franchise in Croydon followed by another for Wales. The Welsh franchise required me to work with translators to produce a Welsh-language version which included a user-friendly method for switching languages on the fly. For this component I worked with CAF who took over project management in 2016.

Despite the changes in project management I’ve continued to provide hosting and content management for the site.

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Anthony sat down with us, listened to our requirements and went away and built an engaging website.
Anthony was a pleasure to work with, always listening and providing value-add suggestions throughout the process - the end result exceeded our expectations and has now been extended to other regional groups in the UK.
Iain Sharp, Legal & General
The Se-Assist initiative now exists as three franchises: Greater Brighton, Croydon and Wales.
A side-by-side comparison of the English and Welsh language versions. Switching sites is a simple button press.
Many fledgling companies owe their initial success to the social enterprise initiative, which exceeded its initial aims to launch an additional two franchises.
As sensitive business information needed to be submitted during the application process I built in encryption through SSL and administrated hosting on a Virtual Private Server for maximum security.

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