BHT‘s Annual Reviews and Impact Reports are an essential platform from which the charity promotes and celebrates the quality and diversity of its services, projects and people.

Subjects range from people’s stories about their recovery from addiction, the celebrations and challenges of running a housing charity through to client and tenant stories and the positive impact on society of BHT’s specialist projects. Impact Reports position BHT as an expert by experience within the third sector.

Working with the Marketing and Fundraising team I was typically provided with rough copy and was responsible for design, layout, copy editing, infographics, image research and aquisition. The reports are considered important in attracting business and supporting funding bids; as such, its important to communicate the right tone through visual cues and vibrant copy.

The result is that BHT is perceived as an organisation that takes itself seriously. Infographics tie together various statistics in an easily accessible form, helping communicate the challenges and successes of BHT’s clients, tenants and staff to a wide and diverse audience.

branding | digital | editorial | infographics | print
Anthony would ensure that he fully understood the brief and the required end result, working patiently and professionally with service users and staff alike.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Jo Berry, BHT Head of Marketing & Fundraising
The 2015 Impact Report was dependent on strong infographics, concentrating on hard-hitting facts and figures whilst providing appealing presentation. These infographics were picked up by the Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper and published as a double-paged spread.
BHT's 2014 Annual Review was an evolution of my previous designs for the BHT Express client involvement magazine.
For the 2015 Annual Review the editorial emphasis was changed to a collection of case studies. The branding had matured to a point that templates were easily adaptable, and the publication uses stock imagery to ensure anonymity. To add some visual elements I created new infographics for year-end financial information and project structure.
250 Years of St Stephen's Hall celebrated the anniversary of the iconic building that houses BHT's First Base Day Centre. The 2016 Annual Review is a good example of how to break up and convert bullet point text into engaging imagery and infographics.
The 2017 Impact Report - Women and Homelessness was based on an academic paper, with relatively large quantities of text broken up with strong stock imagery and infographics taking a supporting role visually.
The latest 2017 Annual Review concentrated on clients' recovery from addiction, highlighting national statistics and BHT case studies.

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